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Penelope Grace and the Winter Carousel

Penelope Grace and the Winter Carousel

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In a home nestled on a quiet, cobblestone street, a young woman is holding tightly to wonder.

Penelope Grace is looking out the window, breathing in the stillness of snow falling. Christmas is coming, and as she lovingly places each candle on the windowsills, warmth and light transform her family's home. All is quiet and good, as it should be.

But as the holiday approaches, Penelope learns how easily circumstance can mock joy. A nameless shadow is haunting her family, and there seems to be no hope of defending them against his relentless attacks.

Still, Penelope Grace is not content to stand by and do nothing, and so, on a cold winter's night, she finds herself chasing an unexpected friend through the softly falling snow.

But which will prove stronger?

Shadow or Light? Despair or wonder?

Follow her now through an ice-laden forest, down a worn, frozen path, to a winter carousel covered in snow, and we'll join the battle for wonder together.

This Christian fantasy novel is a winter tale of wonder for anyone who has struggled to find hope or light in the midst of grief or the dark of winter.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

I really loved this book, it was creative, whimsical, uplifting, but at the same time felt like the stakes were real. A very captivating read, looming forward to book 2!

Naomi McCullough
An enchanting tale!

In the best spirit of C. S. Lewis, this story pulls you right into the home of Penelope Grace and introduces you to her lovely family. Definitely was encouraged and uplifted by the story. I hope to read more from this author!!

Ashlea McCullough
Loved it!

Wonderful book! A short read, but nevertheless, if you like Narnia you will enjoy this journey. The characters and worlds are wonderfully put together, and the messages about God are an encouragement to the soul. Highly recommend!

brooke katz
Hope in the darkness

Hope in the darkness. This story is a light needed in a dark world. This story is reminiscent of Narnia with a voice like Charles Dickens Christmas Carol. I would recommend this story for anyone young and older. I didn't know how much I would need this story until I read it to my kids. It teaches the most important lessons through imagination. It speaks God's truth to your heart helping you overcome any darkness in your life. I struggle with depression especially in the winter, it's why I do not like winter but reading this story I now can see God's purpose for winter I can see the hope and the beauty of winter. This story teaches so much it is beautiful and hopeful and something I will be reading again and again. And sharing with everyone in my life.

Here are my kids reviews.

Ray- I want another. I want to hear grandma's story. The point was clear and beautiful.

Ephraim- I liked it a lot. It captivated my attention.

Hannah beth- it was really good. I liked how the characters were imaginative and how Penelope really tried to help her family and I liked how descriptive it was I could imagine what everything looked like.

5/5 A Winter Tale to Warm the Heart and Stir the Imagination

Alexandria Miracola has written a tale on the level of The Hobbit, and considering that's my favorite fiction book of all time, that's no small praise from me. I would highly recommend this book to lovers of Lewis’ Narnia series and any other reader of family friendly books. It is a magical fairy tale that returns the reader back to childhood, imagination, and wonder.

Her style of writing is split between talking to the reader and telling the tale. It is a unique style of writing that hasn't been touched for a long time. She manages to weave it in such a way that flows naturally within the story.

The characters are all well done and I enjoyed meeting them. Talking animals and fantasy creatures are a staple in this tale and she carries it out well. Penelope Grace, while she retains much of her good morals, also changes for the better and learns valuable lessons on the way.

Miracola does a good job at weaving in her faith into the story without it crossing the line of becoming preachy or outright shoving it down one's throat. Her Christian faith becomes a integral part of the story while tackling it in a different way. It shows how wonder is a powerful and wonderful gift from God to humanity.

I loved reading this book. It was gladdening to return to an age of youth and wonder, if only briefly. God bless Alexandria for her story and I cannot wait for the next books in her series!