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Chip and the Book of Rose Leaves

Chip and the Book of Rose Leaves

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Are you ready for an adventure?

In a quiet meadow tucked away in Everleaf Forest, a young rabbit is waiting.
Chip whispered a prayer weeks ago, a question that he is longing to know the answer to.

But as more time passes and still, no answer comes, Chip begins to wonder something quite different:

Do his prayers really matter to God at all?

Instead of being met with silence, though, strange tales of a treasure and a Guardian named Abaline reach Chip's curious ears.

The stories promise that anyone who discovers this treasure will find the answers they long for, and Chip is determined to do just that.

But an unexpected adventure awaits, full of fire and drakes, racing rivers, and untold wonders.

It promises to be thrilling, but not safe.

The only question that remains is this:

Are you courageous enough to join Chip on his adventure and uncover the answers with him?

Chip and the Book of Rose Leaves is a springtime tale to read aloud with your whole family. Inside these pages, you'll find 18 whimsical illustrations to color or enjoy just as they are.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Havelah McLat
It is a cute looking book

I have not read it but I did like illustrations and the idea incorporated with story. I gave it for my niece for her 8th birthday with coloring pencils and crayons to color the fun illustrations. It is a cute gift idea for young readers.

Enchanting Tale with a Beautiful Christian Message

A delightful and whimsical story, filled with sweet and endearing characters, good laughs, and a mystery. Follow Chip on his adventure as he searches for an answer to his prayers and an answer for his doubts, and discovers and learns something amazing and beautiful at the end of his journey, something richer and more wonderful then he ever imagined.
A beautiful story with a lovely uplifting message.

Jannette Fuller
A timeless tale of encouragement, truth, and adventure.

Prayer is a huge part of my life. I love speaking with God and petitioning on the behalf of others every day. Which is why this endearing, little story brings much comfort in knowing I’m not alone when it comes to unanswered prayers. Or rather, prayers that “seem” to go unheard, making me wonder if I’m praying in God’s will. Not to mention struggling with impatience while waiting on His timing for things to come to pass--another thing Chips struggles with, too.

That said, this is a quest you’ll want to embark alongside Chip. You won’t regret the adventure, friendships, encouragement, and the truth about our prayers that await within the pages of Chip and the Book of Rose Leaves. But first, you must enter Everleaf Forest!

No matter your age, this story will be a great encouragement of God’s love and the power of prayer. Chip and his furry friends have certainly blessed my childlike heart and faith. I’m so eager to read the sequel!

5/5 A Good Children’s Story with Important Lessons for any Age

Following up on her first book, Penelope Grace and the Winter Carousel, Alexandria Miracola delivers a children’s tale that has plenty of adventure while giving a surprising twist at the end that is a better answer to a deep Christian question that many ask: Does God even hear me? Does He see me?
Alexandria weaves a cast of memorable talking animals that kept my attention the whole way. The quest is a compelling motive that guides the young rabbit, Chip to seeking out one who can answer his crucial question. The story is fast-paced and condensed. Alexandria does a good job of keeping the plot tight without extraneous traveling or side quests. The story is a quick read, yet does well in developing the characters in its short span.
Something that I noticed is that Alexandria alludes to Job within this book. Not in the “intense suffering caused by the devil sort of way.” No, Chip is similar to Job in they both wonder what happens in the silence. They cry out to God, but He seems like He doesn’t answer. But, as presented in The Chosen Season 2, God does hear our prayers and He sees us. We may not know now, or possibly ever what our purpose is. Sometimes, it should be enough that we know God is there and he cares for us.
If I could have a complaint about the story, it would be that sometimes the threats are evaded or defanged sometimes a little too easily. But this happens rarely enough and with enough balance of the dangers being appropriately threatening for a child’s book. Apart from that small facet, which is small enough it doesn’t really negatively affect the story, I highly enjoyed Chip’s adventure.
This book was an excellent read and I definitely want to get this book again for my little nephews to read. Highly recommend reading this story, whether you are young or old!