Do You Think God Hears Our Prayers?

Do You Think God Hears Our Prayers?


Do you think God hears our prayers?

I didn't always confidently believe this, but wow, has God shown up in some remarkable ways to show me that it is really true.

But it can be hard to believe when we're waiting or when we're going through a painful time that we just want relief from.

Here's the thing I'm so thankful for: we can pray when we're grateful, when we're raging against our circumstances, when we're heartbroken, and when we can't even bring ourselves to say anything at all.

Each prayer is heard and, more than that, each one is treasured.

When we really let that truth soak in, God's hope crashes against doubt and despair.

We get to know His heart. We start praying His Word and His Word becomes a sword that defeats every lie we come up against in our lives.

This didn't really click for me until I wrote Chip's adventure a few years ago. And God keeps using the words He gave me to help me remember His heart for us and our prayers.

This is a reminder we need no matter how old we are.

As you read this story yourself or with your family, I'm praying that it encourages you to know that God delights in every one of your prayers ❤

Chip and the Book of Rose Leaves releases on May 4th!

There are 18 illustrations to color and you'll also be able to get a cute bundle of goodies, including stickers & art prints!


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