Author Interview with Effie Joe Stock!

Author Interview with Effie Joe Stock!

Hello, fellow book lovers! 

It's my delight to share this interview with fellow indie author, Effie Joe Stock, who is a fantastic writer and publisher! Read on to learn more about her book series, writing inspiration, Kickstarter, and more!


What are you favorite and least favorite fantasy tropes? Why? 

Oddly enough, one of my favorite and least favorite tropes is the chosen one/prophecy trope! Which is ironic because that’s the trope my main series The Shadows of Light follows.


I do love this trope though because of the possibilities. Where did the prophecy come from? Why was the MC chosen? What do they not know about the prophecy that changes the way it gets fulfilled? The endless answers to these limitless questions can present so many unique stories that don’t feel overdone. I also love watching a character be pushed into a life they didn’t choose for themselves, but then fulfill their destiny in their own way. And who doesn’t want to see a bunch of foreshadowing come together to fulfill the prophecy?


On the other hand, this trope has been widely used and can sometimes work against constructing a good story. Chosen ones often get a free pass to power and plot armor that isn’t believable or relatable. Not only that, but it can also draw away from the depth of the villain arc, which I find just as important as the hero’s. Villains with more reason to be bad than simply because a prophecy said so are way more interesting to read about.


With all that in mind, however, I think the chosen one/prophecy trope still has so much potential and not only do I love exploring the possibilities of this trope in my own series, but I also always get excited when I read another author who pulls it off well!


Where do you find inspiration for your novels?

A tough question! I’ve been writing for so long I’ve lost track of where exactly the inspiration comes from. It used to be from other books I read as a child, and that’s readily apparent in the way I wrote my first drafts. But as I’ve grown and built out the world, my source of inspiration has changed somewhat. Now, the majority of my worldbuilding and character developments simply come from the way I perceive the world around me.


All the magic systems, religions, and spirituality found in my main series is drawn from not only my own beliefs, but also the beliefs of other religious and spiritual practices.


While I’ve only ever based one or two characters on people I actually know in real life, I do draw a lot of the inspiration for my characters’ relationships on real dynamics I’ve either experienced firsthand or have learned about through psychology.


Now that the world Rasa is substantially built out as far as countries, races, languages, religions etc., it’s been only a matter of creating characters and stories to fill that world. For my Legends of Rasa short stories, I usually pick an emotional message or transformation I want to convey, then build a character around it who I think will carry the message well. Then I find a place on Rasa and a time in its history that I think will work well for the story and start writing!


For full length books, I usually start with the plot, picking out major events from Rasa’s history that I want to expound upon, and build characters and emotional journeys that will fit that event and era.


At this point, I’ve lived in Rasa for so long, it’s an inspiration all its own!


Tell us about Dragon Bone Publishing and what inspired you to start your own publishing company!

Dragon Bone Publishing is my indie publishing label I started about two years ago which focuses on high-quality, experimental fantasy and science fiction, while also branching out into other genres.


I started Dragon Bone after doing a bunch of research in the publishing field because I wanted to indie publish but wanted the professional appeal of having my own label. However, I wasn’t sure what I wanted the label to be so when I published the first edition of Child of the Dragon Prophecy, I skipped making the commitment. It wasn’t until I compiled the Aphotic Love anthology that I decided to stop procrastinating and make the label.


I chose Dragon Bone because dragons are what truly sparked my love for writing, and I absolutely love anything that has to do with bones! I quickly made the logo, then debuted its journey with the Aphotic Love anthology.


Since then, I’ve worked tirelessly to streamline the way I publish using my label, including raising my quality standards and searching for ways I can increase my books’ professionalism. I rebranded and published the second edition of Child of the Dragon Prophecy, then moved on to Heir of Two Kingdoms, Bleached Reminders, and my debut children’s book Turklet, Squeaky, and the Seven Chicken Chicks. With so many titles under my belt, I felt it was finally time to expand the company and fulfill a dream I’ve had since a little girl—publishing other author’s books.


I started with Moon Soul and The Planets We Become by Nathaniel Luscombe which have both been extremely successful. These books also started a partnership with Luscombe that has taken the entire company to a new level, opening many new opportunities for us to grow and expand.


Now, Dragon Bone Publishing is not only my own label to publish my own stories, but it’s also rapidly becoming a full-scale indie press capable of bringing high quality fantasy and science fiction books to a wide audience looking for truly unique, genre bending stories.


I have plans to open novella submissions to the public next year, as well as the publication of another anthology (which is currently taking submissions!), and of course, the 2025 issue of the Dragon Bone Journal which is currently in the works!


Dragon Bone Publishing is a place for readers to connect with talented authors whose books don’t fit trends or societal expectations, and for those same authors to see their dreams come true. I’m truly grateful for all the support I’ve received for my publishing company this far and I cannot wait to see where it takes us!


If you could only read three indie authors for the rest of your life, which authors would you choose?

Nathaniel Luscombe, Bethany Meyer, and Myka Silber.

These three authors never cease to amaze me with the complexities, talent, and emotion with which they write. All their stories are worth NYT Bestseller awards and are every bit as good as any traditionally published, trending book. I cannot wait to see them all get the recognition they deserve!


You recently launched a Kickstarter for your next novel, Son of the Prophet! What is the heart of this story and what do readers have to look forward to when they support the Kickstarter?

Son of the Prophet is one of the most complex and heartfelt stories I’ve ever written. It follows Thaddeus, the prophesized villain of my series The Shadows of Light, as he goes from an innocent Duvarharian child to the very Traitor the Prophecy predicted he would be.


It’s a story full of intricate worldbuilding and political and religious intrigue while also focusing heavily on the emotional battle of what separates the heroes from the villains.


Full of deep relationships, fantastical worldbuilding, diverse characters, gut wrenching choices, cults, dragon riders, Centaurs, and a tragic romantic subplot, Son of the Prophet will leave you questioning who the real villains are, and whether you even want to root for the hero.


Taking place nearly 800 years before Child of the Dragon Prophecy (book one in the Shadows of Light), Son of the Prophet can be read as an alternative entrance into the series, or as the third book.


By backing this book on Kickstarter, you’ll get access to all kinds of exclusive rewards like early, sprayed edge and signed copies of Son of the Prophet, as well as eBook bundles, options for new readers to read the first 2 books, signed copies of The Legends of Rasa Vol. I, and even a Kickstarter EXCLUSIVE hardback!


All the funds raised from this Kickstarter will go toward an extra round of editing for Son of the Prophet so it can be the very best for my readers. But Kickstarter is all or nothing, so every little contribution helps!


What are some of your upcoming projects?

I’m currently working on a few other projects including Trojan’s backstory (a companion novel to Child of the Dragon Prophecy and Heir of Two Kingdoms), Human Scars on Planet Skin which is a cozy science fantasy horror collaboration with Nathaniel Luscombe (set to release 2025), and Ash-Black and the Seven Wolves, an anti-retelling of Snow White (set to also release 2025).


As always, I’m also chipping away at the next book in The Shadows of Light series and have been working diligently on my new outline for books 4 and 5 since they’ll need to be completely rewritten.

Where can readers connect with you?

You can follow me at on Instagram or Effie Joe Stock Author on Facebook, Effie Joe Stock on YouTube, or online and


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