An Interview with H.A. Pruitt

An Interview with H.A. Pruitt


What better way to celebrate my new blog than by featuring an interview with one of my favorite writers and best author friend, H.A. Pruitt? Heather writes Christian fantasy tales that are full of adventure, relatable characters, and a world that you'll want to return to and explore again and again.


The Anelthalien series is truly something different, and I'm so excited for you to get to know Heather and learn more about Anelthalien for yourself!


First, tell us a little bit about yourself!

This is always the hardest question for me. I never know what to say about myself. I'm an introvert who prefers to listen to people rather than talk to people. I am married to a pastor, who is thankfully an extrovert and the only reason I leave the house. I have a son and some foster kids. I like guinea pigs and have seven right now. And I like raw cranberries. That’s weird, but I’m okay with being weird.


The Anelthalien series means so much to me! If your readers could only take one thing away from the series, what do you hope that is?

I hope readers understand from the Anelthalien series that God is always with them. The books have so many different themes and messages, but through it all, the God character continues to remind them that He is with them no matter what’s going on. Remembering that truth in real life can help us through so much.


Do you have a favorite book in the series?

Yes. The fourth book is my favorite one. It hasn't come out yet, so I can't really say why, but it means the most to me because of when I wrote it in my life. I needed help with some very difficult situations, and I needed guidance and encouragement with some big decisions, and God definitely let me write the events in book four in a way that gave me exactly what I needed. Book four reminds me the most that God is so invested in my life and so incredibly close.


What do you love most about writing Anelthalien?

I love being with God. When I write, it's more like hearing the story from Him, and hearing the story from Him is like Him telling me exactly what I need to hear on that day that I write it.

Think about if you've ever had a rough day and somebody just took you aside and told you a story that felt so far removed from your struggles that you were able to forget about that rough day and just enjoy this beautiful story. But when it's done, you realized that story was exactly what you needed in your real life to keep going. You feel refreshed, amazed, and awed that someone could understand you so perfectly—even better than you understand yourself. That's what writing Anelthalien is like.


Which of your characters do you relate to most and why?

I relate to Kindle, Andrew, and Tad for different reasons. I relate to Kindle in my interactions with others. I'm a little awkward, fearful, and self conscious, but I’m a good helper and follower for my friends. I'm quiet and book smart like Andrew. And Tad, even though we shove people away in different ways, is like me because he’s been hurt but just wants to be genuinely loved.


What’s one thing that God has taught you through writing these stories?

God has taught me so much through writing this series. One message that is so encouraging to me is that if we are with God, He is with us. That sounds so obvious, but that way it is illustrated in the later Anelthalien books is so impactful.


What are you working on right now?

Right now I am writing Anelthalien book seven, and I am trying to type book four. I really want to publish book four as soon as possible, but I have no time line. With three kids, I can't really plan much of anything.

Also, I am working on a children's book with Kimmy Kay. We are writing the book together, and I am doing the illustrations. The story is about overcoming personal struggles, and it is a very cute story.


Thank you for doing this interview, Heather!

Are you ready to start exploring Anelthalien? You can find the first three books in the series here:


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Water Falling (be sure to check out the hardcover special edition! It's gorgeous!)


You can follow Heather here:



YouTube (She shares great book reviews + writing advice)


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